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Rayna Kay - Moondust in my Hand (2004) For some people, Singing and Songwriting is just a job... for some, it is the dream of a lifetime. Rayna Kay is just such a dreamer, who has put to CD the cumulative result of her musical influences and a life long dream. Rayna's latest CD, "Moondust in my Hand", is all original music, lovingly crafted with the dream in mind. It is seldom that you find someone with the courage to follow their dream, but Rayna is just such a person, which is reflected in her music. In a recent interview, Rayna said; "I'll write it down, I'll sing, and I'll never lose my dream". This is indicative of the depth of her desire and determination to become a fine singer songwriter, and Moondust is one heck of a fine effort. It is not an effort in vain. Moondust is a fine collection of tunes, steeped in longing, that create a tapestry of a young womans life in song. Her music is heartfelt, passionate and some might say gutwrenching, but most of all it is real. As such, it is a lost art in this day and age. Like many a young artist, Rayna is still climbing the mountain that claims so many. It may be unclimbable to some... but not her. Moondust is the first step in a promising music career for Rayna Kay.