Rayna Kay


Moondust In My Hand Our Rating: 87 out of 100 Country music? It´s a hard-knock life. Rai (Madonna) Kay Osia´s story bears witness to this. Born on February 6th 1964 in St Louis, Missouri, she grew up in a two-story house with her parents and most of her eight siblings. Later she´d work as a supermarket cashier and waitress to make ends meet. Her tribulations come to the foreground on second album Moondust In My Hand. Kay claims sole songwriting on eight of the ten tracks, co-writing opener ´Put Your Hands In Mine´ and closer ´Wax and Ashes´. Appropriately enough, the album was recorded in the home of country, Nashville, Tennessee, where Kay is now based. Claiming to be influenced by Willie Nelson, Roseanne Cash, and Johnny Cash, Rayna proves to be the equal of her idols. On Moondust In My Hand she keeps the spirit of country music alive and kicking. Its future would appear to be in the safest of hands.(Matthew Hirtes) For more information: http://www.raynakay.com/