March 12, 2005 Fairview, TN

Rayna Kay entertained along side several musicians and songwriters at a house concert and jam session that is held on the second Saturday of each month in the home of music promoter Rusty Carr and his wife Babita.


March 5, 2005 Murfreesboro, TN

Rayna had a guitar pickin' and singin' good time at Tommy Joe's house party of at least thirty guests. Later they all gathered around the computer to hear Richmond Virginia's WCLM 1450 AM as John Ando's Dr. Rock Show played…

December 28, 2004 Smyrna TN

Rayna rocked up a couple of Bob Dylan songs and sang Stop Draggin' My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks with a band of gentlemen Classic Rockers called Daisy Cutter at Beanos beer bar and family grill where some of the…

November 24, 2004 St. Louis, MO 

Rayna joined Eric Brooks for some cover songs and her own songs at The Bull Tadpole, an old fashioned, South St. Louis, no riff raff, neighborhood bar and grill where everybody knows everybody.  Photos by Martin Boekers


October 29, 2004 Smyrna, TN

Smyrna VFW Rayna Kay sat in with Bert Keith, Keefer, Danny and Richard. She played guitar and sang Bobbie McGee and All Along The Watchtower.


October 17, 2004 Lavergne, Tennessee

Rayna appeared on stage at the Native American Pow Wow singing Old Western Town and The Blue Beyond, she said, "I sang out to The Native American people because I admire them. They want us to understand that when we…


October 1, 2004 Lavergne, Tennessee 

Rayna Kay sat in and sang Bobby McGee, Two More Bottles Of Wine and Crazy with The Harold Dean Band at a free fish fry in the park as a part of a campaign for Dennis Waldron who was running…

June 27, 2004 St. Louis, Missouri

Rayna Kay singing and playing at her belated 
40th birthday party at The Atkinson Pavilion 
in Jefferson Barracks Park.  photo by Michael Lynxweiler